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Many people think that they need a time management system. They don’t need that at all. When my clients in Westchester County New York tell me that they have problems with time management I ask them why. They talk about issues they are having, and I ask them why they are having those issues. Have you ever found a time when you go so much done with time left over? Has the opposite been true and you think I am never going to finish this? In either case you will find it had more to do with your attitude than systems and procedures.

Systems and procedures cannot create more time. There are many books that tell you how to organize your time. You can buy a day planner, or use Apps or other organizing and calendar programs but still have no better control of your day. The root cause of the problem is not the lack of systems or processes. It is our own attitudes about time, our bad habits and our bad behaviors.

It is a fact that you only have a finite amount of time. That is not true with most other things. It is not true of money. If you waste money you can usually earn it back. A downturn in the stock market will eventually be followed by a higher gain. Most people understand the importance of money and have respect for its value. They don’t like to waste money and they strive to invest money wisely. But the attitude most people have about time is rather carefree as opposed to money. Unlike money you cannot get back your lost time.

So time is really your most precious commodity. Shouldn’t we start treating it that way? I believe that almost everyone knows that you should complete your most urgent, important and critical tasks every day. Almost everyone knows that planning your day makes more sense than letting others do it for you. Everyone knows, but very few do…Why?

To answer that question, start with defining your purpose. How you use your time is driven by your vision and values. What really matters to you and what is your purpose, your vision, your values? Why are these things important to you? You need to understand your why first.   We call the why GOALS. What are your goals this year? This month? This week? Today? What do you want to change in your daily routine and how will that change make your life better?


Now that you have set your purpose driven goals you can set action steps for a time management strategy. You must not procrastinate because that will waste a valuable resource that you cannot replace. Set goals for your week and your day.

Of course, you should take full advantage of any system or program the helps you manage your time. Now that you have established your “WHY” these systems will show you how.

Learn How Attitudes and Behaviors will give you back time you need.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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