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Is your leadership all sizzle and no steak? Are you talking the talk but not walking the walk? Your style and your methods, and intent may be great, but the real beef is in the final RESULTS.

Therefore, why not start off by defining the desired outcome and the desired results and go from there. This common sense leadership style is called the Result-Based Model of Leadership.

Here is how you can create the desired results with your team.

Make the organizational vision clear and inspiring. Now set objectives (your mission) that supports your vision for your organization. Next, break those objectives down into “goal categories” such as “sales”, “marketing”, “operations”, “people development”, or “customer loyalty.”

Now, align your people and your processes so that virtually everything that happens in your organization works purposefully toward achieving the results outlined in your vision.

I have found, in working with my Westchester County NY business owners, that this Fail-Safe, Results-Based Leadership model is a winner every time it is tried. When you live by this Results-Based Leadership model, you commit to leadership development processes that aggressively grow people who will create the desired results.

Now with that being stated, one of the single biggest reasons why leaders fail to lead is the absence of effective leadership development processes that ALLOW them to lead!

You need to create an effective leadership development process purposely designed to incorporate the vision for your company and then align your people and your operating systems with that vision.

Create alignment between the goals of the individual staff members and the overall vision of the company. When that happens, positive results are more likely to occur.

You and your leadership team must:

          Establish a Vision Statement - Who or where you want your company to be in the future (3 to 5 years).

          Establish a Mission Statement - What must be done in year one to move to achieve the vision.

          Create Critical Success Factors - Four to eight items that are necessary and sufficient to achieve the mission.

          Establish Goals - that are necessary and sufficient to accomplish the critical success factors.

          Offer a Specific Action Plan - these steps accomplish the goals in terms of WHO does WHAT by WHEN.

Creating the framework for alignment is the leadership task. Now the team.

Every team member MUST:

          Understand his or her own action steps to accomplish the Vision.

          Be supported with the required resources.

          Have processes in place that ensure productivity, innovation, and speed.


Then and only then is your organization aligned and truly in a position to succeed. Many leaders of companies as well as small business owners fail to use this process. In some cases, the leader holds control and delegates responsibility. This might work in some cases but if you want your organization to grow you must empower the team. Only then will the sales and profits of your organization grow to their fullest potential.

Learn how to put the steak back into your leadership

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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