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Do you want your team to have skin in the game and take ownership? If you want that then make sure you are not being a control freak.

Rather than giving them detailed instructions tell them what needs to be done and make them accountable for the results.

If you are frustrated with the results of your team, here are two questions that you need to ask yourself. First, have you provided them with the tools to succeed? Second, have you clearly communicated the objectives and desired results?   You may have you given plenty of detailed directions without explaining reasons and objectives. That will destroy their incentive.

Instead of giving assignments with specific instructions try something different. Here are two different approaches to giving an employee an assignment.

Let’s say that you have a project the needs to be completed. You could give your team member a complete set of instructions detailing what you want done, how you want it to be done, and specific steps you want taken to get it done. You follow up to see that each step is completed as prescribed. This type of micromanaging destroys engagement and inventive and will lead to job dissatisfaction. The team member does not know the purpose or even the goal but is simply doing as told. Now that is no way to create ownership. This stifles creativity and discourages the team member from taking ownership. According to Gallop, one of the major motivators for employees is the belief that their opinions count. Did you ever ask for your team member’s opinion? If you do you must first tell your team the mission and goals.

Now let’s try another approach. Explain to your team member that you have a special project and that you would like her to take charge. You explain the nature and purpose of the project and the goal. You offer suggestions on the process, but you stress that you are looking for her suggestions in the process. Let her know that she may make modifications as she sees fit if the general goals are met. You ask her if she has any question about the goals. You then ask her to come up with her action plan and her intermediate goals for obtaining the project goal. You let her know that you are depending on her for the outcome, and she has your support and confidence.

In the second approach you have used empowerment. She knows that her opinion counts and that you are depending on her. You have given her ownership of the project and you can hold her accountable for results. Empowering your employees encourage them to take ownership and be accountable for their results.


Before you get discouraged with your team’s performance make sure that your leadership encourages them to take ownership and be accountable.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022

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