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Has this happened to you as you are growing your business? You are so involved in every little detail that you have missed some emerging opportunities. Every entrepreneur certainly knows that details are important and staying on top of them is very important. The devil is in the details as they say. You would not have gotten your business this far if you had set specific goals and took every action step. There comes a time when you hit a growth wall. You can’t do everything yourself.

Time to hire someone. Are you ready to delegate to the person you hired? I know, you are worried about all the details. Is this person going to do it as well as I can? I have to say that if the person can’t do it as well you then you will not grow, and you may lose business. It is your job to see that this does not happen.

When you hire a new employee is it very important that you are ready to devote time to train and empower. You must teach the mission and desired results. Remember, you want to take details off your plate. For example, don’t react in this way: When your new employee asks a question don’t respond by saying, “Don't worry, I'll take care of that. It's involved."

Get out of the way. Let go to grow. Learn to let go, train, and delegate with confidence.

Engage your employee from the very first day. Explain, train, encourage, and ask for input. Once you are certain that the employee understands encourage him or her to make decisions on his or her area. Encourage the input. Then monitor but gradually let go. Learn to look at key measurements that indicate the employee is on track such as number of calls answered, complaints resolved, orders processed, customer feedback and other key areas related to business outcomes. Then you get out of the details.

Manager with Dashboard

Instead of watching the details and the minutia keep your eye on the direction of your company and your overall results. Set up overarching monitors and measurements to measure the direction and success of your business. This measurement is your DASHBOARD. Think of it as the dashboard on your car. You look at the dashboard on your car to make sure that everything is working under the hood. Likewise, a business DASHBOARD helps you make sure that your people are performing the activities related to positive business outcomes. When you see something wrong with your car dashboard you ask a repair garage to handle it. Likewise, when you see a key business measurement change you ask your employees why and ask how it will be corrected. You maintain control while not being controlling. You have more important things to do such as promoting the growth of your business.

Get out of the way. Get out of the details. Let go, let them drive and watch your stress level decrease and your business grow.

Learn to delegate with confidence so that you can grow your business.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2023

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