There are important factors to check and measure for your business success. Generally, they are financial, process, and people. I focus on all three when I am helping my clients create or update their strategic plan. All three must be aligned. The reason for non-alignment in the business is a lack of clear vision and without a clear vision everyone is on a different page. While that is personally frustrating it can cost your company good employees and customers. In this post I will focus on the people part.

Here are three people processes that need your attention:

There is much room for improvement. There are also still key drivers for engagement which have remain constant. These include the relationship with your immediate supervisor, belief in senior leadership, and pride in working for the company. These and other need to be addressed. Disengaged employees do not contribute and worse, they could alienate your customers.

Center of Influence

If you lead and create confidence with your team. They will all focus on the same goal—creating and retaining loyal customers. Make that a goal in your business.

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