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Your core values guide you in your journey through your business and personal life. It is similar to a compass or a GPS.   In a previous post I have talked about the why being more important than the how. Much of your “why” is derived from your core values. These are your non negotiables—the ideals you live by.

Your compass or your GPS tells you the direction to go and how to get to your destination. But the GPS will send you to the destination based on your preferences for type of highway and the like. It won’t take you on a narrow road if you have a preference for main highways. Your core values operate much the same way.

It is important to define your core values. That way you and others will know what you stand for. If you run and company and you hire people you should only consider hiring those who share your values. If you are part of a team you should determine whether you have shared values before you start to work together.

So think about your core values as your personal GPS; the one for your career, your business, and your personal life.  Do some brainstorming about what is important. Give this considerable thought. Here are some steps to assist you in developing your core values GPS.

First of all, take stock of where you are. Do an inventory of your values and beliefs in your personal and your professional life. In the area of your personal life take stock of areas such as:

          Your social life and social development

          Your physical well being

          Your financial and career management

          Your family life

          Your ethics and beliefs

In the area of your professional life do a check off in these areas:

          Your productivity skills

          Your sales or influencing skills

          Your people skills

          Your time management skills

After you have defined your values and beliefs you will need to decide where you want to go. Now you can set goals and action steps that are in step with your values. Just like the GPS is a self-correcting instrument in motion so too is your goal achievement a continuing self-correcting process. In order to get to your destination, or in this case your goal, you must continually measure your progress against where you started but you must also make sure that you are not taking the wrong road to get there. In other words, go for your goal but do the right thing.

Successful Businesswoman

You will have more success if you break down your goals into daily and weekly goals. In this way you have short term progress measurement points. Use your Smartphone as your personal organizer and check off goals as they are accomplished. As you take your journey your horizons will expand and your self-confidence will increase. You will establish a new habit of mapping your goals, checking your progress, and celebrating success. This will become a habit you can’t live without. Enjoy your well purposed journey.

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